Yep, This Is My Day Job!


So, here’s a transformation for you:

I was a Corporate Sales Director for almost a decade. I lived in ‪#‎TheLimited‬ and heels and had almost ZERO time to have fun, unless you count taking clients out after hours, which may seem fun but is ALWYAS work! After my seperation & divorce I had the “HAVE TO” mindset that kept me bound to a desk, my car, an expense account and an unhealthy lifestyle filled with wine dinners, lots-o-overtime and almost no sleep. N O W…. I am 4 months into this business and living a life by design! I am currently working from my computer with ZERO makeup on, my hair on top of my head, snuggled into my ‪#‎vinyasascarf‬ and sipping a‪#‎tazotea‬ latte at ‪#‎Starbucks‬. I pretty much help people to reach their goals, play on ‪#‎Facebook‬ all day, eat right, learn more about fitness and nutrition and workout daily! I am not a nutritionist, trainer, fitness expert or gym owner. I am simply a woman who wanted to get healthy and build and live the life I always wanted! SO UNBELIEVABLY THANKFUL FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY and HAVE TO pay it forward to others!!!!! I feel that The Lord put me here in this place, made me to work hard and accomplish some crazy things so that I can help others do the same!

If you want to learn more about my journey and how my lifestyle became my job and my job changed my life, Watch the webinar above!

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