How To Build Confidence And Chase Your Dreams

Confidence is hard to build for some of us. Sometimes you can be the most beautiful, most successful, the tallest, the richest…and still lack confidence.  At age 11 I was 5′ 7 with boobs and TOWERD over all the other girls AND boys! That does a number on your confidence!!! It wasn’t until I was 29 that I got alone with God and tried to figure out WHO I WAS!!! Guess what, If you will be still and ask, he will answer and HE DID!!!! watch the video below to learn more about how I found my confidence!!! (FYI: This was a Periscope(live broadcast) where HEARTS and COMMENTS fly in as I am talking!)  You can follow me on Periscope to see more live broadcasts or watch them on Katch

Books I recommend:
The Bible
The 4 Agreements
The Compound Effect
The Best Yes
Daring Greatly
Rising Strong
The Go giver

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