Why am I still inactive after just buying a challenge pack as a new coach? And How do I become active?

-If you purchased a challenge pack or shakeology when you signed up as a coach then you will go ACTIVE the following Thursday! That is our NEW pay week and when the system updates itself!
-If you have been a coach for a while and you are showing INACTIVE then You can become active by placing a personal or customer order 50PV or higher (PV is shown under each product)

Why hasn’t my order shown up? My customer just ordered
-If you look under the previous office view in your back office>orders>customer orders it should show up seconds later. Just log in to www.teambeachbody.com and click COACH and then PREVIOS OFFICE VIEW-that is your REAL TIME back office where new orders will show up instantly. But in the regular “coach online office” it takes up to 12 hours to show up!

Why hasn’t my new coach shown up?
-It can take a few hours for a new coach to show up. Use the previous office view in your back office to view your new coach right away. previous office view>genealogy

Why haven’t my success club points shown up?
-success club points show up on the day after the order was purchased and if not then you need to call coach relations 1-800-240-0913-Your orders may be delayed for any pre-orders.
-If a customer has already purchased a challenge pack or shakeo HD from you, you will not get points again for future orders for additional shakeology orders but for challenge packs you will get 1 new point.

How can I switch a coach from one leg to the other?
-You have 3 days or 72 hours to email coach relations and request a change. Email coachrelations@teambeachbody.com and let them know the NAME of the coach and the coach ID number and which leg you want them to be placed on!

Why is there a coach underneath me in my genealogy? Do i need to contact them?
-Coaches are placed beneath you on the genealogy tree, they trickle down from your upline and contribute to your team cycle bonuses. You don’t need to contact them unless they are your personally sponsored coaches. These coaches will eventually help you earn MORE income but they are NOT your coaches. To see JUST your coaches look in your coach online office under My business-my downline-my sponsorship drilldown and you will see JUST your coaches.

How do I personalize links so people can order directly through me?
-You can use www.coachingcodes.com and type in your coach ID number there at the top.
-Go to your back office and click on the “My Business” tab at the top. Then My Forms & Documents>Product Forms>Team Beachbody Price List & Product Links Form. Use the link that says “specific product link”


Coaching codes is the easiest way to go about doing it..you just COPY/PASTE the link from there with your coach id number.

If someone ordered and it went under another coach how do we transfer it over?
-Ask the customer for their:
1) order number
2) Email it was placed under
3) Address – THEN call coach relations to change the order over to you!

IF they placed their order on beachbody.com they will first have to make a FREE account on teambeachbody from your website link before you call to switch their order using the SAME email. then call coach relations and explain you need a customer order switched to you.

Where should I sign up my husband? And would that help me?
-If you think signing up your husband/spouse would be a good choice talk to your sponsoring coach and ask if it will be the best choice for your situation. In most cases, it is best to have your spouse on your weak leg. It can be helpful if you are pushing for a rank advancement but it will have to be maintained and active. I recommend ordering EXTRA samples there and sell those to customers every month who want to try out shakeology before they buy! Sell 7 days worth for $35 and you will have your samples paid for! It’s a GREAT business investment…also when you place orders under there it can increase your TEAM CYCLE BONUS commissions so if you bought a bag of shakeology under your spouse’s account you would earn $14 back as an emerald and $18 as a diamond…so it saves you money on shakeology ☺

Do we need to start a fitness facebook page or start a blog as newer coach
No…I recommend just working strictly on your personal facebook page for a couple months and setting a SOLID foundation there…no use in opening another page and having to do DOUBLE the work with not that much reward from it. Keep it simple in the beginning!

Why is my new coach “inactive” if they just signed up with a challenge pack?
-If you purchased a challenge pack or shakeology when you signed up as a coach then you will go ACTIVE the following Thursday! That is our NEW pay week and when the system updates itself!
-If you have been a coach for a while and you are showing INACTIVE then You can become active by placing a personal or customer order 50PV or higher (PV is shown under each product)

Why is my earnings “0” and my commissions different?
Every Thursday, what you made from the previous week (Thursday-Wednesday) will show up under Commissions. Once they cut the check for you – the following Thursday – it will show up in your Earnings. Earnings is always 1 week behind. Ps. Your commissions WILL NOT show up until Thursday morning-it does not update every day or every time you sell something so just be patient.

When do we get paid? and how do i update my bank account information?
-Beachbody pays every Thursday (delayed 1 week – see #12). If you have a paper check it will mail Thursday or you can change your preference to direct deposit (EFT) under your coach online office—click MY BUSINESS-MY EFT MANAGEMENT and update your info there!

What website address do i give to my customer who wants to order?
www.beachbodycoach.com/yourusername and tell them to click SHOP and then direct them to challenge packs on the left side tabs. You can also customize links for specific products so they don’t have to find it themselves. (see question #7)

What is the number to coach relations? 
-Phone: 1 (800) 240-0913 Monday – Friday from 6 am – 6 pm Pacific Time
Email: coachrelations@teambeachbody.com
Fax: 1 (213) 201-7225

What is the customer service number?
-Phone 1 (800) 470-7870 Monday – Friday from 6 am – 6 pm Pacific Time
Email customerservice@teambeachbody.com

When are all the team calls? and which one’s should i be on? are they RECORDED?
Most team calls are on Monday evenings at 8pm CST and YES they are recorded and can be found in the TKO group. Monday night 8pm CST Number to dial: 712-432-3066 Code 547042
National wake up call at 10am CST 832-225-5055 is the number! Code 90405#

Whats the back office? Whats the previous office view?
-Your back office is your main source of information for your coaches, customers and important info. You can run reports, view customer orders, your own PV and SC points.
-The previous office view has quicker updated info for new coaches and any orders immediately.

To find both of them log into www.teambeachbody.com and click COACH at the top…you can find both the coach online office and the previous office view there!

Where can I find info on challenge packs? Or why can’t I see challenge packs as a coach?
-You have to sign out of www.teambeachbody.com to see challenge packs! Coaches cannot order them or see them for some reasons, go to your retail page www.beachbodycoach.com/yourusername and click shop then click challenge packs on the left side tabs!

Why can’t i see the challenge packs?
-You must be signed out of your back office to view challenge packs.
-Coaches cannot purchase challenge packs because they are already at a discounted price.

Where are the videos I send people?
In your COACH ONLINE OFFICE main page, on the right-hand side scroll down just a bit and you will see a VIDEO and above it click on English next to “Video Library”. Click on “Products” on the left-hand side. Tons of videos back there!

How do I change my preferred placement?
-Sign into your COACH ONLINE OFFICE >my business>preferred placement. (make sure your coach ID is in the box) and pick which leg you want and click SAVE.

How do I find my coach id number and username
-Go to www.teambeachbody.com and sign in. click coach then coach online office, on the left hand side it shows your coach ID number there.
-Once you sign in to www.teambeachbody.com – before you click coach on the left hand side it will show your screen name above the word “dashboard”

What does Emerald mean?
-Emerald rank is when you have personally sponsored two coaches and they are both active. (one on your left leg, one on your right leg). You can now qualify for the customer program – free customer leads & also team cycle bonus!!! This is HUGE for your business and should be your FIRST goal as a new coach—aim to hit emerald your first 30 days of signing up!

How do we pay Taxes?
-Taxes are not withheld from your weekly earnings and are your responsibility to pay at the end of the year. It is advised to save any and all receipts for anything pertaining to your business and seek a professional at tax time. Beachbody will send you a 1099.

How do I get free leads?
-You must meet all of the qualifications under My business>lead qualifation in your coach online office. Go there to find out more about qualifications!

What is the Club membership? Why do I need that?
-In order to qualify for the customer lead program, being a club member is required. you are charged immediately and then every 3 months ($38.87 plus tax). For customers, being a club member means a 10% discount on products.

How do people sign up under me as a free coach?
-You can send customers your link (see #7) and they can “sign in” and make an account and your name should show under the “referring coach”.

When someone is purchasing a challenge pack and becoming a coach is it the same checkout procedure?
-NO! A new coach must go to YOUR website and click Coach and then click Be a coach and fill out that first page of info there. Once that info is filled out with your name under the referring coach it will prompt them to choose their challenge pack.. THEN they will pick a challenge pack and check out. That is how they become active! Always encourage new coaches to sign up with a challenge pack so they have EVERYTHING they need to be successful! No use in them paying the $40 and buying shakeology for $99 cause that is $140—a small challenge pack WITH A WORKOUT is $140 as well. So get the challenge pack always!

Do I have to be on HD? Why?
-You dont HAVE to be on shakeology HD.. but it is recommended! If you are not on HD then it is likely you are not being a “product of the product”.. being on HD also is what qualifies you for Success Club each month…plus shakeology is just AWESOME! The more you drink it the more you love it and will share your passion with others. It’s a huge business builder ☺

I have a friend who works for the company it works and sells those weight-loss wraps. She says that she’ll be a coach for me if I’ll be a coach for her. What Would you think about that?
-NO! As a beachbody coach you CAN NOT be a distributor for another “competitor” so if that friend signs up as a coach they will have to make a choice to cancel their it works business or cancel their coaching business.

Can you quick give me a reason to convince a customer not to buy the t25 from the info mercial with 3 easy payments and buy through me?
When customers order through a coach, they receive bonus workouts or extras with their pack.
-You can explain the benefits of having a coach and offer a challenge group to show the benefits of having you as their free coach.

How much is Shakeology?
-Shakeology is $130 monthly for customers ($4.30 per meal), $117 and $98 for coaches.

What are success club points? How do I earn them?
-Success Club points are points that are earned for every new customer placed on shakeology HD (1 point) and for every new customer on a Challenge pack (2 points) and they add up monthly and earn you super fun stuff (prizes, trip dollars, customer orders)! You do NOT earn SC points for your own HD orders do NOT count!

Can customers pay for products in payments?
-Only through the main beachbody website which wont allow you to receive any compensation from it until it is fully paid for and transferred to you.. so basically no.

Any ideas on how I can get one sc point today?
-invite invite invite. message 5-10 people and invite them to be a coach, or invite them to your next challenge group. Focus on helping just one person! Explain the benefits of Shakeology and the bottom-of-the bag guarantee.

If a coach doesnt get a CP at sign up can they still purchae a CP later on? How can they get their 39.95 fee waived?
Team Beachbody is allowing ANY customer who has purchased a Challenge Pack, at any time, to upgrade to a Coach for FREE! To take advantage of this offer, you should first enroll as a Coach online and pay the $39.95 Coach fee, which will later be refunded. In order to receive the refund, you must fill out the online refund request form and submit to Coach Relations within 31days of enrollment. The refund will be processed within 2 business days of receipt.