Modify My Shakeology® Home Direct Order

Use this form to modify flavors, ship dates, or skip an order with your Shakeology Home Direct Orders.

Please be advised that a Home Direct Order Modification may impact your active status, rank and qualifications for contests and promotions such as Success Club.

Please note for a one time order modification, a second request will be required to revert back to original order status.

Team Beachbody® Independent Coach Application

Collect your prospect’s information and complete the sign-up process for him or her to make sign-ups a breeze. You may also fax us the application and we will input the information into our system within 48 hours.

View/print Coach Application Form PDF

Challenge Pack Free Coach Enrollment Online Request Form

Team Beachbody is allowing ANY customer who has purchased a Challenge Pack, at any time, to upgrade to a Coach for FREE! To take advantage of this offer, you should first enroll as a Coach online and pay the $39.95 Coach fee, which will later be refunded. In order to receive the refund, you must fill out the online refund request form and submit to Coach Relations within 31days of enrollment. The refund will be processed within 2 business days of receipt.

Fill out the Online Request Form

View the FAQ document PDF

Nonprofit Coach Application Form

This is an opportunity for a qualified, charitable organization (IRS designated Tax Exempt Organization) to earn money with a Team Beachbody® Coach business. Qualified organizations can sign up as a Team Beachbody Coach—free of sign-up and business-services fees—and participate in the same income-earning opportunities (i.e., retail, team bonus cycle bonuses, etc.).

View the Form PDF

Team Beachbody Business Entity Application & Agreement

If you are applying to become an Independent Beachbody Coach using any business form other than a sole proprietorship, this form must be completed and submitted with your Independent Coach Application and Agreement.

View the Application PDF

Team Beachbody® Military Coach Instructions

Beachbody offers Coaches who are actively servicing our military the opportunity to have their enrollment fee ($39.95 plus applicable tax) refunded and their monthly business service fee waived for the duration of their service. To take advantage of this offer, follow the steps in this form.

Sign-up Fax Cover Sheet PDF
Military Coach Application Form PDF

Team Beachbody Independent Coach Transfer Form

Complete this form and submit it to Coach Relations when you wish to transfer your Coach Business Center (CBC) to another person. Please note: This form must be accompanied by the individual Coach Application from the person or business who is acquiring your CBC. If the acquiring Coach intends to place the CBC in his or her business name, the Business Entity Application & Agreement form must also be provided.

View the Transfer Form PDF

Team Beachbody Independent Coach Cancellation Form

This form must be completed and returned to Coach Relations to officially cancel your Coach Business Center (CBC).

Coach Account Management Consent Form

View the Form PDF

Product Forms

Team Beachbody Product Catalog

Show off everything Beachbody has to offer, from world-class fitness programs to healthy supplements.

View the Product Catalog PDF

Team Beachbody Price List & Product Links Form

An up-to-date listing of retail, Club, and Coach pricing, Bonus Volume and SKUs for any product in the Team Beachbody® store.  Plus, easily create links, add your Coach repID, share it with your contacts and get credit for the sale! Updated with new apparel 3/12/14

View the form PDF

English to Spanish | Glossary of Terms

There’s no need to digest a 30-minute Spanish course, we have your back! Download our new, convenient glossary, and find translations to the words specific to your business. A definite must-have in your bilingual adventure. All for the price of nada.

View the glossary PDF

 Coach/Company Policies

Coach Policies and Procedures/Compensation Plan

If you want to play, you’ve got to know the rules. This document covers all of the policies and procedures related to doing business as a Coach as well as detailed information about how we calculate weekly checks and how to build your downline.

Statement of Independent Coach Earnings

This chart includes leadership ranks and earnings through December 2013.

Income Statement Disclaimer

When making income statements or claims about your Beachbody® business on your Web site or in any other marketing materials, you must include this disclaimer at the bottom of each page where an income claim is stated. On your Web site, you may include a direct link to the Statement of Independent Coach Earnings chart:

Policies and Procedures – DOs and DON’Ts

Read these guides for quick information about best practices and big no-nos for Team Beachbody® Coaches.



Prohibited Keywords

In the Policies and Procedures, it states that certain “keywords” can’t be used by Coaches for their usernames, screen names, URLs, or Adword purchases. Check here to find out which terms are not allowed.

 Coach Insurance Option

PRO Insurance Managers

Beachbody, LLC is excited to partner with PRO Insurance Managers, Inc. – one of the Nation’s leading independent insurance brokers – to offer YOU access to top-of-the-line national insurance programs. PRO is an independent third party so please direct all questions to PRO at 800-821-7393.

Go to Pro Insurance Managers’ Website

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