Take The Challenge

Think you might be ready for a Challenge Group? A super fun experience that isn’t full of empty promises? A place where we actually CARE that you get the results you want?

I’m looking for a SPECIFIC kind of person. I’m looking for people who want to lose 10-25 lbs. Is that you? Has your friend said they want to lean out and drop 10?

Why 10-25 lbs? Because th21daychallengeyellowredats where I was when I started my journey… at that point, I became a little LAZY…. a lot less intentional, and just plain fell OFF the wagon.

I was VERY doubtful that a HOME workout program would make me lose the inches I lost and more so I was doubtful that the stubborn number on the scale would move.

But… sure enough- it did!

I started my first ONLINE Challenge Group on Facebook full of people with similar goals as mine. I was held accountable, supported & ENCOURAGED!! Because of that, I reached my goal, SHOCKED MYSELF and eliminated the previous quitter in me.

There is such a variety of programs you can choose from.They are short & sweet, most requiring 30 minutes a day.
You eat normal food.
You don’t have to guess and spend HOURS meal prepping.

It’s simple. It’s fun. I give away prizes too! who doesn’t like prizes?!

You have one on one support, a FUN group, nutrition tips and meal ideas, you WILL tone and tighten your body in 30-45 minutes a day. My Challenge Groups last 21 DAYS total, and you will always be invited to continue on to the next one to keep crushing your goals!

I’m looking for people who are ready. I choose TEN people/couples a month, every month.

If you want to be considered for one of my spots for the upcoming group fill out the application below: